Basma Alsharif

1983, Kuwait (Palestinian origin)

The chief characteristic of your art research.

The human condition with an interest in what we will never understand or prove to be true.

Your favourite occupation.

Pediatric neurosurgeon.

Your idea of happiness.

Surprise pleasure.

Your main fault.

A very fallible selective memory (especially but not limited to names).

What you hate the most.


What you appreciate the most in a curator.


Your idea of a good exhibition.

When I feel that I have stepped into another world.

Your idea of a wrong exhibition.

When I feel like the exhibition thinks I’m stupid.

If not an artist, who would you be?

A master chef.

Your favourite artists.


Your favourite working space and time.

On a train, and early morning and late night.

Your favourite museum.

The afro-brazilian museum in Sao Paulo.

Your favourite art critics.

Andrew Berardini, Kaelen Wilson-Goldie.

Your favourite art books.

Exquisite pain by Sophie Calle.

Your favourite musicians.


Your heroes in real life.


Your favorite title of an art work.

“Untitled” (Perfect Lovers)

Your idea of the future.

The end of human civilization.

Your drawing for Mould.

A dodo bird, a wolly mammoth, and an adax all meet around an Amorphophallus Titanum… in the desert among other things.