Ettore Favini

Cremona 1974

The chief characteristic of your art research.

The passage of time.

Your favourite occupation.

Thinking, traveling listening to the radio, but preferably alone.

Your idea of happiness.

A good glass of wine.

Your main fault.


What you hate the most.


What you appreciate the most in a curator.

The ability to translate a work of art into a text.

Your idea of a good exhibition.

When I do not need to read the press release, when the exhibition doesn’t just impress me but gives me a gut feeling.

Your idea of a wrong exhibition.

When, despite the help of the press release, the exhibition doesn’t impress me and doesn’t give me a gut feeling either.

If not an artist, who would you be?

I think that I would be working with my hands in the ground.

Your favourite artists.

Too long a list.

Your favourite working space and time.

My terrace at night.

Your favourite museum.

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris, the Frick Collection and The Earth Room in New York.

Your favourite art critics.

The Saltz-Smith couplepair, the only straightforward ones.

Your favourite art books.

Henry Matisse, How I made my books.

Your favourite musicians.

Too long a list.

Your heroes in real life.

My family.

Your favorite title of an art work.

With Title.

Your idea of the future.

The infinite.

Your drawing for MOULD.

I drew the Mediterranean sea with its major islands, as a constellation in a “space” that divides us but at the same time unites us and blend us like inside a shaker.