Soufiane Ababri

Rabat (MA), 1985

The chief characteristic of your art research.

Redefine all that is imposed on me and all the labels I’ve always been given.

Your favourite occupation.

Replaying images.

Your idea of happiness.

Intensity of moments.

Your main fault.

Often excessive.

What you hate the most.

The notion of domination.

What you appreciate the most in a curator.

The strangeness of the process.

Your idea of a good exhibition.

When I feel like I’m inviting visitors into my room.

Your idea of a wrong exhibition.

When there is little exchange and surprise

If not an artist, who would you be?

A novelist.

Your favourite artists.

I do not know. I think it would definitely be a hybrid artist.

Your favourite working space and time.

Anywhere. Except in my studio.

Your favourite museum.

I’ve forgotten its name.

Your favourite art critics.

Seth Siegelaub, Xabier Arakistain, but I think especially for their attitudes.

Your favourite art books.

A Selection of Snapshots Taken by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

Your favourite musicians.

Too many to be able to quote them.

Your heroes in real life.

I do not like this concept.

Your favourite title of an art work.

“Untitled” (billboard of an empty bed) by Felix Gonzales-Torres.

Your idea of the future.

More and more strange and that is not negative.

Your drawing for MOULD.

It is part of my series of drawings « Bed work ».
Two characters in an indoor space. Gender and age are indefinable. The space is like where I grew up. The two characters play a kind of puppet play. And they blush as they look at the one who is drawing them.